Life After Emjaytoo

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After ten years of sailing our Bavaria 30 Cruiser in the Netherlands, the time had come to move on. We had been
thinking her time was up for a couple of years. The ferry/shuttle crossings were becoming more fraught, we were
unable to get affordable crossings in July/August, we had other things competing for our time & money and we
guess, we were getting bored with Emjaytoo and the Netherlands. This culminated in us cancelling a planned
week's trip to Holland at the beginning of May 2016 and chartering an Elan 333 in Croatia. The realisation that,
for a fraction of what it cost to own and maintain a boat in The Netherlands, we could charter anywhere we wanted,
enjoy warm sunny sailing and convivial company, was the final persuader. The subsequent decision of the UK to
leave the EU did little to persuade us otherwise.

So this is the beginning of "Life After Emjaytoo".

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