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12th April 2007 - The Story So Far

After two years of owning a MacGregor and bareboat chartering in Greece & Croatia, we had decided the time had come to get what SWiMBO referred to as a "proper boat". After looking at quite a lot of older boats, we visited the London Boat Show in January 2007 and to cut a long story short put down a deposit for a brand new Bavaria 30 Cruiser.

Delivery was agreed on as 4th May and at that point it seemed a lifetime away. But now it's only 3 weeks away!

Delivery will be to Ipswich and thereafter we will take Emjaytoo over to The Netherlands. We spent last year at Delta Marina on The Veerse Meer and have renewed our berth for this coming year, albeit a larger "box".

At present we are going through the proceedure of Part 1 Registration (necessary due to having a marine mortgage and taking the boat abroad). We had to have our MacGregor Part 1 Registered for the same reasons. The name Emjaytoo is yet to be confirmed by The Register of British Shipping, but we are advised that there is no other boat by the same name, so we have started the Blog off on the basis of her being Emjaytoo. If it doesn't come off, well we'll just have to change everything.

We are expecting to receive a telephone call any day now to say she has arrived in Ipswich ready for fitting out and commissioning. The excitement is starting to grow. In the meantime we amuse ourselves with plans for the four weeks shake down and then the passage from the East Coast to Vlissingen. I have never done such a long passage and so have a delivery skipper lined up to accompany me (and the other crew members) on the passage.

17th April 2007 - Emjaytoo Arrives In Ipswich

Got the 'phone call this morning from David at Peters Opal to say our boat had arrived. We have arranged to go up to Ipswich on Saturday for the pre-commissioning inspection.

Still no official confirmation on the name, though.

21st April 2007 - Meeting Emjaytoo For The First Time

Arrived in Ipswich on a beautiful sunny day to eventually meet Emjaytoo in person. Can't quite believe that she is ours! She certainly smells very new and still has lots going on down below with things being installed. Biggest surprise was to find an autohelm fitted which we hadn't ordered! Eventually did a very good deal with Peters Opal so Kim is chuffed to bits as he had wanted one anyway and SWIMBO (me!) had said that it was a waste of money for the type of sailing we do most of the time. It's also not the "rubber band" type like we had on Nefeli (the Bav 34 we chartered a couple of times in Greece) so nothing extra to fall over in the cockpit. Otherwise everything lovely. We just can't wait now to get out on the water.

After we eventually tore ourselves away from Emjaytoo, we went down onto the visitor pontoons and met up with Ruth and John (Stargazer) whom Kim had met through his forum. Lovely friendly couple with a really cosy Moody 31. We look forward to reciprocating the hospitality in a few weeks when we do our East Coast shakedown cruise.

We enjoyed a last moment of decadence by having an excellent lunch in the marina restaurant before heading off to Ikea on the way home to stock up on duvets, pillows, bedding and goodness knows what else.

We are both really excited now - above all we are both desperate to sail again. If it goes on much longer, I might even be tempted back into a dinghy!!

24th April 2007 - Emjaytoo's Name Is Approved

Got a 'phone call from Lester Aldridge, the solicitors handling the Part 1 Registration, today to confirm that Emjaytoo has had her name approved. So it's official.

Also spoke to Peter a delivery Skipper who is lined up for week commencing 28th May for accompanying me to Vlissingen. It's a week earlier than I had envisaged, but that's not a problem, the sooner we get her to Kortgene, the better.

Now only 10 days to go. The problem for us now is not to go rushing up to Ipswich on Saturday to see how she's coming on. But then on the other hand, why the hell not? Too much to do at home really.

28th April 2007 - Emjaytoo In The Water

A potentially quiet weekend when SWiMBO had decreed that we hadn't got time to go up to Ipswich again because of everything that needed doing at home prior to our first "cruise" next week. Then on Friday night a surprise message from fellow formumite Nick (aka "Shamrock") with some great pictures he had taken of Emjaytoo when he was in Ipswich to see his own boat put in the water. Really great to see her on the water and with some metalwork up to hang the sails on. Still can't quite believe that she's ours, or will be come Friday when the nice finance company stumps up the cash!

It's becoming more of a reality now. The spare room is rapidly filling up with crates of all sorts of things we've got to take with us. Not sure that there will be any room for us, let alone all the visitors that we are looking forward to welcoming aboard!

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