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Sunday, 3rd April - Re-commissioning

Having booked the 4.30pm ferry on Friday (Kim had a day's holiday so he could load the car up) we found ourselves killing time around 1.00pm and decided to go for an earlier ferry. We managed to catch the 2.20pm and thus arrived at the boat at about 7.30pm having stopped in Goes for a McDonalds. This worked really well as we were able to get something to eat and get most of the gear on to the boat before it got dark.

Saturday morning we awoke to brilliant blue sky and sunshine.

Morning Sunshine

It was a bit breezy, but the wind was bang on the nose which suited us for bending on the sails. The day went well and allowing for a quick trip to the Spar shop in the village to get something for lunch, by 7.00pm the sails were back on, the spray hood was fitted (not that smooth an operation, but then the spray hood never is) and over half the outside of the boat had been cleaned. After five months just sat in her berth Emjaytoo was in a pretty dirty state, the green algae was something to be seen!

The whole day had been a success, the only down side was that Kim got a bit sun burnt! By mid-afternoon it was positively scorching. We even had a visit from a pair of swans,


who must be due to produce some young very soon. It may only be the beginning of April, but Saturday felt like summer. Kim finished off cleaning the boat in shorts.

Nice Shorts

Yes, his dress sense does leave something to be desired!

We had debated going to Iets Anders for dinner on Saturday night, but as Wendy had started to go down with a cold on Friday and really didn't feel very good we opted for a Fray Bentos steak pie, which was really nice, especially washed down with a bottle of Rioja!

After some heavy rain over night, Sunday morning was dry but grey. Kim got on with the rest of the exterior cleaning whilst Wendy finished off unpacking and putting things away down below. By 12.30pm we were pretty well ship-shape and Kim started the engine which fired up first time. We then had time for a leisurely lunch and left about 1.30pm. Emjaytoo was looking really smart and the sun was shining again when we left.


Some weeks ago Kim spoke to the marina about having Emjaytoo lifted during next week so he can spend the next 2 weekends cleaning and polishing the hull whilst she is on the hard. When booking the lift out the marina had said that they could not guarantee being able to do the lift out and on Saturday morning Kim went over to the Technisch Center and spoke to Peter who said it was still touch and go. So Kim will phone them on Wednesday. Either way he will probably go over on his own, either to clean the hull or to fit the new ultra sonic anti-fouling device. He also will have a load of ropes to put back on the boat. Well, he will if Wendy puts them through the washing machine this week!

All in all it was a successful weekend, the weather was very kind and all the jobs were completed. Now all we need is to get back and do some sailing!

Tuesday, 5th April - Lift Out Confirmed

Got a call yesterday from the marina, to say they will be lifting Emjaytoo out on Thursday, which is brilliant news. The only nigger in the wood pile is that Wendy’s cold has turned into flu and Kim is now worried that he will get it. Having paid to have the boat lifted it would be a complete waste of money if it went back in without Kim being able to clean and polish the hull.

The ropes have all been through the washing machine and look like new. Kim ordered an electric polisher on Sunday and that turned up today, courtesy of Amazon. So colds/flu aside, Kim is all geared up for his trip next weekend. The ferry is booked Friday evening, Kim has a half day holiday and so will be getting the 6.00pm DFDS ferry.

Sunday, 10th April – Cleaning The Hull

Kim had planned to get the 6.00pm ferry on Friday, but was able to catch the 4.00pm one, so arrived at the boat a bit earlier than planned. Emjaytoo was sat on the hard just along from the hoist and convenient for the entrance at the side of the chandlery. Kim unloaded the step ladder he had taken on the roof rack and climbed aboard. Sleeping 10 foot up in the air was a bit strange at first, but then he soon forgot what was outside the boat and settled down for the night.

Saturday was, as forecast, absolutely glorious and Kim made good progress getting most of the hull washed, cut back and polished. The electric polisher proved to be a good investment although it was hard work using it stood on the step ladder. Whether all the hard work was really worth it is a question only Kim can really answer. The hull certainly looks gleaming white.


Sunday was even better than Saturday with the temperature getting up to 24 degrees. The last bits of the hull (the transom) were cleaned and then Kim carried out some other bits of general maintenance.

Something that is a slight concern is how rusted and pitted the keel is.

Rusty Keel

Normally it would get covered up with a fresh coat of antifouling, but since we are not having the boat antifouled this time (we are fitting a sonic antifouling device), it begs the question as to whether any thing needs to be done. A phone call to the marina for some advice?

A sucessful weeekend, even though Kim did get Wendy's cold. Next weekend is pencilled in for fitting the sonic antifouling.

Monday, 11th April – The Keel

A quick call to the marina this morning and they are going to clean off the keel, treat the rust, prime and repaint the keel. The sort of job Kim should really be able to do himself, but inevitably, with the boat so far away and Kim not knowing what products to use, we end up paying the marina. Never mind Kim has already done a fair amount of work himself and will be fitting the antifouling device himself. For next weekend he has booked the Shuttle - for a 'flying visit'!

Sunday, 17th April - Fitting The Ultrasonic Antifoul System

This has been Kim's third consecutive weekend on the boat. He was booked on the 6.50am Shuttle Saturday morning, but got to the terminal early enough to drive straight on board the 6.20 one. The result was that he was in Kortgene at 9.30am.

There had been some discussion during the week that if the marina had put Emjaytoo back in the water, then Wendy would come over, the jobs could wait and we could go sailing! As it happened Wendy went off the idea and when Kim arrived at the marina Emjaytoo was still on the hard anyway. However the keel had been painted and now looks resplendent in blue.

Blue Keel

You can still see the pitting but at least it is not rusty. The anode on the saildrive has yet to be done, so Kim will call Peter on Monday to give him a gentle reminder.

The installation of the Ultrasonic Antifoul System went well, even though it still took 4 hours. A lot of the problem is working in such a confined space. We've positioned it under the sole directly at the bottom of the companionway. The instructions suggested that perhaps it should go a bit further aft, but the engine and saildrive prevented that. The control box is at the side of the nav seat just below the electrical isolating switches.

Sonic Antifouling

This was a really convenient spot as it avoided drilling any holes for wires as they go surface mounted straight in to the void under the nav table. The device is connected to both 240v ac and 12v dc power. So now we will monitor the log wheel and the waterline to see how they fare throughout the next 18 months.

Next on the list of "to do's" was fitting little coloured markers to the anchor chain. Kim bought the markers about three years ago and they have sat in a locker ever since. Probably the reason they had never been fitted was the fact that fitting them necessitated getting all the chain out of the locker, a job best done with the boat on the hard. It wasn't so much an opportune time to fit the markers, but rather an opportune time to get shot of them from the locker.

Sunday morning Kim set about trying to fit the spray hood properly. After losing some bits over the side when fitting the hood the other week, Kim had had a 'phone conversation with CJ Marine in which it became apparent that he had made a pig’s ear of fitting it - using the fittings in the wrong place. Well this morning’s attempt was far from successful as he got a screw cross threaded and jammed, had to drill it out and then buggered the fitting. So the spray hood has been left with a cable tie holding it together. Kim will now have to order new fittings from CJ Marine.

Hopefully when the marina put the boat back in her berth they will connect up the shore power. The antifouling switch has been left in the on position so when the power is reconnected it should go straight in to operation. We have also asked the marina to service the engine once she is back in the water. Kim has asked Peter if they can use the Volvo oil and filters that we have been carrying around in a locker ever since taking delivery of the boat. These were bought as "spares" for the North Sea crossing in 2007 and have never been used. It seemed silly to keep paying the marina for new filters and oil when we had our own spare.

The idea was that the boat should now be 100% sorted for the beginning of the new season. Of course things never go quite to plan do they? Just to throw a spanner in the works right at the end of the weekend, Kim got away from Kortgene earlier than he planned, so hoped to catch an earlier Shuttle. When he got to the Shuttle check in, it said he had missed his booked crossing and would have to pay £22 extra to go on the next crossing! The plonker had only booked a 7.20 AM crossing! In the end he got an 18.50 crossing which was half an hour earlier than he thought he was getting!

Wednesday, 27th April – Looking Forward To The Royal Wedding!

This Friday is the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and we are really looking forward to it! We get Friday off as a Public Holiday and Monday is the May Day holiday so it’s a four-day weekend on the boat – Ta, Bill & Kate!!

We’re keeping an eye on the weather forecast, which doesn’t look too bad. We may get a bit of rain Friday night/Saturday morning, but otherwise it should stay dry with temperatures up around 20oC and winds around F3 to F5 from the north-east.

We’ll be catching a ferry Friday morning and heading off into the Veerse Meer Friday afternoon. Not really sure where we’ll go – Veere, maybe Middelburg, maybe just an island, nothing too adventurous!

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