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31st December 2007 - Review of 2007

2007 was our third year of big boat sailing, our second year in The Netherlands and our first year with Emjaytoo. So, did it live up to expectations?

We had finished 2006 with serious intentions of getting a bigger boat and had already looked at some older boats. Wendy loved the "lived-in ness" and character of the older boats (with the exception of Westerly's!), but was concerned at the possible hidden costs, yet at the same time buying a brand new boat - even for the same cost as an old one - seemed too decadent. However, after seeing the Bavaria 30 Cruiser again at the London Boat Show in January and talking through the finance options, the rest, as they say, is history.

With this done, our sailing went on hold 'til the arrival of Emjaytoo on the 4th May. We had a trip over to The Netherlands to bring Maggie-Jane back to the UK in February, but that was it.

The commissioning cruise in Ipswich was something of an anti-climax, especially for Wendy, as the weather was appalling and did little to increase our confidence in the new boat. But before we knew it, Emjaytoo was settled in to her Dutch marina berth, and our season then took off. We managed seven trips to the boat, including several trips out of the Veerse Meer into the Oosterschelde and even getting as far as the Grevellingenmeer. We visited some excellent traditional Dutch harbours such as Goes & Zierikzee and had some great over night stops on islands such as Archipel in the Grevellingenmeer.

In answer to the initial question, Emjaytoo has enabled us to expand our horizons beyond the limitations of a MacGregor and we are now planning trips next year to the Harringvliet and also into the Westerschelde and down to Oostende.

Kim's Sister Julie and Trevor came out with us for a whole week in September and next year we are looking forward to entertaining more guests on board, as this was very much one of the attractions of a larger boat but the short season did not enable us to share the fun with others as much as we would have liked.

Including the trip across from Ipswich, we covered 390 miles in Emjaytoo, not much by some people's standards, but not a bad start for us.

We are hoping to get our first trip of 2008 in January - weather permitting.

Finally, if one picture sums up our first year with Emjaytoo, then this is it :-

No, Kim is not having a pee !

The view is looking out from Archipel across the Grevellingenmeer.

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