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31st December 2008 - Review of 2008

2008 has been a notable year for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the season started in snow and ended in snow! Easter came early this year - last week of March and we "enjoyed" the experience of sailing in snow, before Kim had his enforced stay on the boat! The year then ended with thick snow when it came to clearing the boat out and a very treacherous journey home in the car.

Other high points were having Emjaytoo lifted out of the water in April, entertaining guests and finally going on the Kaai in Veere.

Looking back to last year's review, we identified some objectives for this season - getting to the Haringvliet and going into the Westerschelde and on to Oostende. Well, we didn't make either of those, but we did manage a weekend in Middelburg and a week's holiday with Julie & Trev where we went up to the Grevelingenmeer.

Guests this year included Mandy & Pete and Maggie, James & Zach. The set port to take guests is rapidly becoming Veere - and why not? On both occasions we had stunning weather which enables Veere to really impress.

Overall the weather seemed to be disappointing this year, but we still managed 14 trips to the boat and covered 289 miles, which when you take into account the first year's trip across the North Sea, was par for the season.

Objectives for next season? It's probably best not to set any, other than to plan for more of the same. We are a long way from getting bored with the Netherlands, so Emjaytoo will be staying put for the forseeable future. However, the current financial crisis is having a bad affect on the Euro exchange rate, making the marina a much more expensive place to keep Emjaytoo. On the other hand, we have just had an invitation from Norfolk Line to book 10 return tickets for next year at the amazing price of ?38 each!

Actually, we have set one objective for next season - a repeat of last year's - to get to Oostende. So we will see how we get on.

Next planned trip? Hopefully, towards the end of January/early February. However, it is unlikely that we would go out in Emjaytoo, as although she is staying in the water over the winter, we have had the engine and water systems winterised.

Finally, a picture to sum up the year:

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