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Monday, 3rd December 2012 – This Year’s Logbook Uploaded

Blog entries get a bit thin on the ground at this time of the year, so it’s quite a big thing to put up Emjaytoo’s Logbook for the year, although it may not be as expansive as previous years.

By now Emjaytoo has been winterised and we are just waiting for the bill! Actually we had a call back in early November from the Marina to say that when they opened up the engine compartment they noticed coolant had leaked out of the heat exchanger. There was some speculation that either a gasket had gone (relatively inexpensive to fix) or the heat exchanger had fractured (not so inexpensive!). They said they would investigate and report back. Since we didn’t hear anymore we have assumed it was a gasket. Presumably when the bill turns up we will find out.

Thursday, 27th December 2012 – Review Of The Year

Here we are and another season has gone by.

Unusually, the year started off with a flying visit to the boat in early January. We had had a number of scaremongering e-mails from the marina warning of very high winds and so, in the first weekend of January, we went over for a day trip to Kortgene to check up on the boat. Needless to say, everything was fine, but it made for a good day out – the advantages of living right next to the Shuttle terminal at Folkestone.

The following weekend we were up at Excel, visiting the London Boat Show. This show is slowly slipping down the pan. Fewer boats and less people!

We re-commissioned Emjaytoo in mid-March which was quite early, Kim then went over a week later to fit a new heads pump and give the topsides a jet-wash clean, enjoying the unseasonally warm weather. By Easter she was looking very smart.

Easter saw us entertaining our friends Romana and José. They had considered travelling to England to visit us, but when we suggested meeting up in the Netherlands, they jumped at the opportunity. It was extremely cold, so we packed a good sized convector heater and abandoned any ideas of going sailing. The result was that we had a great weekend, the boat was as warm as toast and we got to see far more places by car than we would have seen in the boat.

There then followed a period of frustrated attempts to go sailing and the realisation that the ultrasonic anti-fouling device wasn’t really working. We had also realised over Easter that the fridge was not working either. We already knew that we needed a new house battery; this was then followed by the new fridge unit and a lift-out for anti-fouling. All in all, a very expensive period. A lesson that, unfortunately, the boat is now getting to the age where things are starting to fail and need replacement.

In early May we were unfaithful to Emjaytoo - with an Elan 333 in Croatia!! It really was an act of extravagance and totally against Kim’s longstanding view that we would not pay out money to charter somebody else’s boat when we had our own sitting in Holland. Unfortunately, Emjaytoo in Holland in May could not compete with Tic (pronounced – Titch) in Croatia. We had a fantastic week’s sailing in a much sportier boat and whilst it wasn’t all ‘wall to wall sunshine’, we certainly had a good dose of sunshine with shorts & t-shirt sailing and an incredible close encounter with a pod of dolphins.

Once back down to earth, our season got off the ground and we had a succession of weekends including entertaining Kim’s son James. Kim then had now customary, trips with several of his friends. We also entertained, on separate occasions, Kim’s grandsons Zachariah and Elijah. For various reasons neither of these trips was particularly successful, both resulting in no actual sailing, but it was good to spend some time with them and hopefully leaving them keen to come back for more.

After a week’s camping holiday in Brittany in August, we finally got round to having a week’s cruise on Emjaytoo in September. We decided not to be too adventurous, so after a visit to Tholen (bottom end of the Oosterschelde) via Goes we headed back into the Veerse Meer via Zierikzee. We then had a few days drifting from island jetty to island jetty. The weather was calm and settled and we had a very relaxing time, even if the sailing was a bit sedate. We did have a couple of little adventures in the Veerse Meer when we motored through the lagoon at Bastiaan De Langeplaat and ventured into the Oomloop. Both places Kim had wanted to try for years but had been put off by the question of depth/clearance. In both cases there was plenty of water.

We had a couple more trips before the end of October and on one weekend moored up at Bastiaan De Langeplaat inside the lagoon as a result of Kim’s new found confidence!

All too soon the end of October came round and we went over the first weekend of November to clear Emjaytoo away for the winter.

Now at the end of December, Emjaytoo has been winterised and next Easter seems a long way off. We will be visiting the Boat Show at Excel in January and we are even planning a weekend to visit Boot Dusseldorf at the end of January! With our annual trip over to check Emjaytoo out in February, we are hoping that the winter months will pass quickly.

Other plans for next year include having a two week cruise in June/July in which we plan to go to Amsterdam via the Standemast Route through the canals! Watch this space!

It has been, in the past, customary to include a picture to sum the year up. After much delving through our thousands of digital photos, we have come up with – nothing! The high point of the year was the trip to Croatia – the act of betrayal! However, throughout the year we did experience some impressive sunsets (don’t we always in Holland) and this photo, whilst not particularly summing up the year, is certainly our (well, Kim’s) favourite photo of the year.

Veerse Meer Sunset

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