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Sunday, 6th December 2015 – Plans For Next Year.

Kim has booked all his holidays at work for next year and we plan to have three separate one week holidays on Emjaytoo plus a number of three or four day long weekends (we will also have two weeks camping in France). In order to maximise Kim’s holiday we will be having two of the week’s holidays utilising the Bank Holidays in May, not historically a good time for a “summer cruise”, but we will also have a week at the begining of August. This is all helped by the fact that Kim drops another Friday next year as part of his progression to a four day week.

So the big change for next year is that we will not buy the Eurotunnel bulk buy 20 Return Trips that we have bought previously. The problem with them was that they couldn’t be used during the summer and some other peak times and they were only valid for an overnight stay. The result was that we always felt under pressure to pack as many overnight trips as we could into the limited window that was available to us. This meant that we often had a string of weekends where we felt we were charging over to the boat “every weekend” for what was not much more than 24 hours!

So next year, it will be fewer trips, but each one being a bit longer and so, of better quality, hopefully!

Thursday, 31st December 2015 - Review Of The Year.

As always, the year started with boat shows, first the London ExCeL show and then Boot at Düsseldorf. Kim went up to ExCeL on his own, by train (so he could have a pint at the Guinness bar!). Düsseldorf was, like the previous occasion, a snowy experience, in fact so much so, that it was only thanks to the ABS on Kim's car, that we didn't slither in to the back of another car at some traffic lights! When we got back to England, Kim checked the law in Germany and concluded he should have had winter tyres on the car. Not sure we will be driving to Düsseldorf again!

After we'd got over the misplaced excitement of thinking that we could afford a brand new Linssen (if we won the Euromillions Jackpot, or signed up to some dodgy French tax evasion scheme) we settled in for the “long haul” to spring.

Although we put Emjaytoo back into commission in March, we didn't get our first sail until the beginning of May. This was, from a confidence point of view, a disaster! Our next opportunity to sail was our two week “summer cruise” at the end of May/beginning of June and this too, turned into a disaster, although we did manage to put the “parking the boat” thing to bed. Putting colds and food poisoning to one side, the problem was that we went too early in the year. Okay, two years ago we had a pretty good time going to Dordrecht and Gouda at that time of the year, but even that started a bit iffy!

The summer, in terms of trips to the boat, was equally a disaster. Partly down to us, but mainly down to reasons beyond our control. We next got back on board Emjaytoo at the end of September! We managed a couple of trips out and then the season was over. In fairness, we managed quite a few weekends on the boat without sailing to add to the five sailing trips that we did manage this year.

Of course the added dimension to this year gone has been Kate. The jury is still out on this one, but our overall feeling about Kate is one of frustration.

We usually include a photo in the ROTY that sums up the year for us. The year has been one of frustration, so our photo of Kate on the hard with her cover on says it all.

 photo IMG_1074_zps5nasikk6.jpg

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