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13th January 2008 - Photo Montage 2007

Wendy has become a real expert at putting these montages together, this being the eighth one she has done now.

27th January 2008 - Off To A Start?

Well, not really.

We went over Saturday morning hoping the strong winds we have had all week would ease. Arrived at the boat lunchtime and whilst there was hazy sunshine it was pretty cold. Add to that 25 knots of wind, and we decided to just have a relaxing weekend on the boat. The wind blew all afternoon and well into Sunday, although by Sunday afternoon it was easing off - typical, just as we were leaving to drive home!

The big surprise was that the Digitenne TV was still working. Because we have never had any charges taken from our bank account, we assumed it must have been disconnected. It now seems possible that because we haven't used it since October of last year (which was the first month for free), the charges haven't kicked in. Now we have used it we will keep an eye on the bank account.

Although we didn't get to sail, it was still great to be back and now we can't wait to go over again. The next trip is likely to be to be to supervise a lift out and jetwash plus general inspection of the hull. We now have to 'phone the Marina to arrange it.

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