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Friday, 8th January 2016 – Setting Things In Motion.

The new year is under way and this will see our 10th season with Emjaytoo. It was a rather pleasant experience to receive a statement from Lombard Marine the other day showing the outstanding balance on our marine mortgage. The sum owed has come down considerably and there is now a nice lump of equity if we have to sell Emjaytoo – which of course we won't, well not yet anyway.

We have booked the shuttle and the Terminus Hotel in Goes for the weekend of 6th/7th February. We stayed at the Terminus last year and so enjoyed it we are going back again. It is of course our mid-winter check on the boat and our wedding anniversary treat. Kim particularly liked the hotel because it did a cooked breakfast – unheard of in Continental Europe! It also gives us a good choice of restaurants to eat at on the Saturday night.

We have also booked a ferry crossing for Easter, which this year is at the end of March and will be our recommissioning trip. We don’t have plans to go during April, but will see how the weather is. Our first one week trip will be Saturday 30th April.

We will have to have Emjaytoo lifted this year for anti-fouling and anodes; our current thinking is mid-May, but we will have to see what the hull looks like when we go over in February. It looked pretty fouled when we were last over. To go off on a week’s cruise dragging a ton of weed with us will not be very good, so we might want to get it done during April. To a large extent it depends on when the marina have space on the hard to lift her out.

Next Saturday, Kim is off to Excel to the London Boat Show. But we won’t be doing Düsseldorf this year!

Saturday, 23rd January 2016 – The Boat Show & Kate.

Last Saturday Kim went up to Excel, to the London Boat Show with his friend Andy. It was more of an excuse to see Andy, have a few beers and a meal out. Amazingly, he hardly spent any money at the Boat Show – less than £5 on some “bits of string”. Well he just can’t resist buying rope!

He did his usual trick of looking over the latest crop of “30 footers” and concluding that at twice the price of Emjaytoo, they’re not half as good! Of course, for Kim it gets his appetite whetted for the coming season. Wendy will have to wait until we go over in a couple of weeks to “check Emjaytoo over”.

Kim did visit a few outboard engine stands and the cost of putting a new outboard on Kate will be about a grand. This has made us really get sensible about Kate and so she is back up for sale!

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