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4th July 2009 - Day 6 - Back To The Marina

After entering the Veerse Meer on Tuesday evening, we decided to spend the rest of the week cruising from island to island enjoying the fabulous weather, swimming and generally relaxing, On Wednesday we went up to Kamperland Landbau Haven which has just been converted into a marina. We were visiting in order to get some shopping and found there was a brand new C1000 Supermarket within walking distance of the marina, so we stocked up on supplies for the rest of the week. The marina was so new there were hardly any boats there. It had a visitor pontoon, but we were able to moor where ever we chose,


Wednesday, we spent the night on Arneplaat, an island we have often eyed with longing, but always found to be too busy. It was all very relaxed and both Wendy & Kim went swiming off the back of the boat. The water was up to 27C! After that Kim lit up the Bar-b-Que, but the pace of life was getting to him and he struggled to stay awake


After sailing around on Thursday just for the fun of it, we finished up at Bastiaan de Langeplaat. not inside the lagoon, as it was too busy, but we did get on the outside of one of the jetties. Again more swimming and generally doing not much. On Friday, we headed back to our marina and spent a couple of hours giving the boat a good clean - inside and out. In the evening we headed over to the reastaurant Iets Anders, one of our favourites for Mosselen & Chips washed down with plenty of Grolsch!

During our 6 days cruise we managed to combine a trip to Oostende with a cruise around the Veerse Meer. All in all, a brilliant week with terrific weather - North Sea fog excepted!

15th July 2009 - The End of YotBlog?

Last week we had an e-mail from Nick who runs the YotBlog website, to advise that the site had been attacked by a virus and that he could no longer guarrantee the security of the site. Consequently he was giving notice that he would be shutting YotBlog down later in the year.

This is a real shame. We have really enjoyed using the Blog and have particularly liked it's format and presentation.

On the other hand every cloud has a silver lining. We have set up our own Emjaytoo website to include a blog and various other pages.

Wednesday, 15th July 2009 - A New Start?

Following advice from Nick who runs the YotBlog Website that the site was attacked by a virus and he was unable to guarantee its security and so was considering shutting it down later this year, we decided we had to do something. After looking at a couple of other Blogs and trying to set up some personal webspace on Tiscali and Orange, we decided to invest in a bit of Website hosting and domain name registration. So here we are with and our own purpose-built website/blog.

Until such time as we can transfer all the old blog entries to the new site we have provided a link to the YotBlog site.

Thursday, 16th July 2009 - Fingers Crossed For The Weekend

Tomorrow we are off to the boat for a long weekend - 4.00pm ferry out of Dover. The weather forecast according to Wallie is not looking too good. Sunshine and rain. How much rain remains to be seen. The plan is either a trip to Zierikzee, or stay in the Veerse Meer on an island. We will see.

Saturday, 18th July 2009 - Too Windy For Sailing

Arrived at the boat around 10pm Friday night and got everything on board before the heavens opened. The rain then proceeded to lash down and the wind howl all through the night. Saturday morning was more of the same, but it did start to brighten up in the afternoon.

We decided it was too windy to go out - we were getting over 30 knots through the marina! So we went for a drive over to Wolphaartsdijk. It was the first time we had been there since doing our reconnoitre in October 2005. It wasn't very exciting!

In the evening we went over to the Restaurant Het Veerhuis by the main marina and had an excellent meal. We are now stuffed!

The wind has died right down now, so we wait to see what the weather brings tomorrow.

Monday, 20th July 2009 - A Whole Weekend Without Sailing

Sunday was more of same blustery wind. Overnight it rained hard and the wind got up in the early hours. By mid morning we were getting over 30 knots again, although it was a lot brighter and actually quite sunny. In the afternoon we went for a walk up through the Paarderkreek campsite and along the shore line. Here we were getting the full force of the wind and it clearly would have been hard work out in the boat.

There were quite a few boats out, mostly motoring into the wind, heading up to Veere and getting very wet.

We walked up to the newly formed beach and new pontoon we watched being built at the end of last year, then cut in land and walked back through fields and along the top of a dyke.

The Dyke

Out of the wind the sun was quite hot. When we got back to the boat we checked the wind instrument and found the wind had at one point peaked at 33 knots.

So a long weekend with no sailing at all. We have often said that the whole point of having the boat in the Netherlands, is to provide a weekend retreat and that it is not important that we always go sailing. This weekend was a good example. Wendy spent the time with her watercolours and reading and Kim did a huge amount of work on the web site, creating a gallery and slowly copying the old blog entries on to the web site. It will be a while before the Blog Archive section is up and running, so in the meantime we will continue to have a link to the YotBlog site.

On Monday morning we cleared away early and left at 09.30 hrs, so catching the 13.00 hrs ferry and getting home at a reasonable time. Before final departure we went over to the Chandlery to get rid of some out of date flares (some had expired at the end of 2005 and the others at the end of 2007). We had previously asked about flare disposal and had been told that the Chandlery were able to dispose of out of date flares at no charge to us and were more than happy to do so. Somewhat different to the situation in the UK!

Kim also went in to see Peter in the Tecnnisch Department and enquire about having Emjaytoo lifted out at the end of season. Last time we were over, when swimming off the back of the boat, it was clear that there was quite a lot of growth, in particular at the stern, just below the water line there was a considerable colony of mussels! This was hacked off with the bar-b-que tongs, but it raises the question as to the general state of the hull. She was last antifouled in April 2008, so 15 months ago and by the time she comes out of the water she will have been continuously in the water for 18 months. This means that the anodes will also have been submerged for 18 months and it will be interesting to see if there is much of them left. Anyway we have come home with a form to fill in - in Dutch!. Peter said people haven't started booking lift outs yet so we can choose our dates to suit.

The drive down to Oostend seemed surprisingly easy, especially for a week day, and it will be nice to get home with a few hours to get things straight before bedtime!

Sunday, 26th July 2009 - Website Complete

After a lot of hard work and a few frustrations (mostly due to "user error") the old blog with all the photo links has now been copied over to the new site. Check out the "Blog Archives" in the contents section on the left.

Plans for next weekend are up in the air at the moment. Lucy came home from Wolverhampton on Friday with the Flu and so Kim didn't go up to Kineton to collect Stewart as planned. Lucy is now starting to recover and Stewart will come down on Friday next, by train, providing the rest of us don't go down with the Flu - which is quite probable! Kim has next Friday booked off work and we have a ferry crossing booked for 8.00am Friday morning, but since Wendy has a hospital appointment on Friday, the crossing will have to be put back to the Saturday. Wendy has to go in to hospital for a minor op on Saturday 15th August. So what with the Flu pandemic and Wendy's op we just don't know how things will turn out.

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