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Monday 20th June – And Another Weekend Gets Blown Away!

The weather at the moment really is awful! Kim had arranged to go over to the boat with his friend Andy and in the week leading up to the trip, the forecast was for more really strong winds – Force 6 with gusts up to Force 8 depending on which weather site you went on. In fact at one point WeatherOnline were forecasting gusts of Force 12! Really! They later revised them down to Force 11! It has to be said that WeatherOnline do tend to be a bit over the top, but generally the consensus was for a very windy weekend.

So Kim and Andy headed off expecting a weekend without any sailing and that is what they got. They arrived Saturday about 1130 BST and went straight to Iets Anders. to book a table for that evening. After a coffee and some stroopwafels they then went off to Zierikzee by car. After a climb to the top of the Monstertoren, a wander around the town and some coffee and cherry waffles in a café they returned to Kortgene. The evening was then spent in Iets Anders where they enjoyed a superb meal.

They had gone off to Zierikzee leaving the wind instrument switched on and when they got back the Max Wind Speed was showing 34.2 knots – that’s in the marina! During the evening/night they were treated to some impressive thunderstorms, torrential rain and howling winds. Sunday morning dawned fairly bright but it soon clouded over and started raining. All the time the wind continued to blow 20 to 25 knots. The decision to stay put had clearly been the right one. It was also quite telling that when they arrived on Saturday morning there were only about three other cars parked down the road and a distinct absence of anyone all weekend.

One point to note, the bow of the boat, just below the water line, appeared to be growing quite a bit of weed. Given the acquisition of the Ultra Sound Anti Fouling, this is disappointing. We will keep an eye on it. Another thing is that the last time we went out on Emjaytoo, we had problems with the house battery running down very quickly, ie not holding much charge. This time, when Kim arrived on board he checked the house battery and initially it showed only 11.4 volts and that’s when it’s been connected to the charger for weeks. It later showed 13.4 volts which is what you would expect whilst being charged. Anyway the long and short of it is that the house battery has probably had it.

Just to add to the doom and gloom, the last couple of times we’ve gone over, the heads has been partially full of dirty water. We think this is leaking back through the valve from the holding tank. If it’s leaking in from the outside, then technically the boat is sinking! Anyway, it suggests the seals in the pump need replacing. Not a particularly difficult job and service kits are widely available for exactly this purpose. The thing is, the boat is now four years old and we are starting to encounter the first of the maintenance/replacement jobs that boat ownership is all about. In other words the “New Boat Honeymoon” is over.

Next weekend we are going over, and taking part in a “Pontoon P & Q Rally”. Some other berth holders have organised an outing to an as yet undisclosed destination, where we will all have a meal, overnight and return on the Sunday. So far the weather forecast looks promising – well it’s got to change sometime! There are currently about 10 boats signed up and about 30 people coming. Given that Wendy will enjoy speaking Dutch (and they all speak English, so Kim should be okay), we are really looking forward to it. If all goes according to plan it will be only our second trip out this year and a good chance to check the house battery properly and even have a play with the new mooring device, perhaps! So fingers crossed.

Friday 24th June – Shot Down By Illness!

Everything was looking good for the weekend, when Kim started to notice a discomfort more familiar to women. After a sleepless Thursday night Kim went to the Doctors on Friday morning and came away with a course of antibiotics to treat a urinary infection. By this time he was feeling somewhat poorly and despite struggling into work for the rest of Friday, decided that it would be less than sensible to head off to the boat for the weekend. In fact it was Wendy who said it would be pretty silly to head off under the circumstances.

So another weekend when we don’t get to go sailing. The year is not getting off to a very good start!

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