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2nd March 2008 - Force 6 in the Marina

Decided to have a working weekend on Emjaytoo and Wendy came along for the ride. Caught the Shuttle Saturday morning and arrived lunchtime. It was as well we had booked the shuttle as the weather was very windy and Dover ferry crossings were severely affected with Operation Stack in place and the M20 blocked with parked up lorries.

We had three main jobs to do:

  • Install a 240 volt socket and a 12 volt socket up at the forward bulkead end of the saloon, for the TV and digi-box;
  • Fix our new blinds to the aft cabin and heads;
  • Fix a bracket to the nav station to sit the note-pad computer on.

The first job started well with the sockets set into the panelling under the port settee berth. The problems then started with trying to get the wiring across under the saloon floor to the starboard side where the power had to come from. In the end Kim gave up, at least temporarily, until he comes up with some new ideas.

Fixing the new blinds was a success and they look very good either open or closed.

Kim had part made the bracket and needed to check dimensions before finishing it on board. The bracket now needs staining and varnishing. May post a picture of the finished item later on.

Saturday night we went out for a very nice meal in the village and then settled down to a stormy night. The wind howled and the boat rocked violently all night. We did not get a lot of sleep, but at least it was not cold.

In the morning we switched the wind instrument on and even though the wind had subsided somewhat we still recorded nearly 30 knots through the marina.

Whilst on the boat we decided to start up the engine as it had not been run since last October. It fired up immediately, which seemed impressive, but maybe no less than one might expect of a less than one year old engine. We let it run, in gear, for about 15 minutes with occaisional bursts of full power.

With all the tasks completed as far as was possible we headed off with the intention of stopping off in Ghent, which we had never been to before, despite driving past it each time we go to the boat. We found the middle of the city which is full of very old buildings around the canal side.

We found a nice restaurant nearby and had an excellent lunch.

Our next trip over is booked for the Easter Weekend, which is only 3 weeks away. This will be our first sailing weekend of the year - weather permitting.

21st March 2008 - Easter Sailing

After much consideration, having booked a ferry for Thursday night to Monday night, over Easter, then deciding to cancel due to the weather, we are now heading over to Holland Saturday lunch time and coming back Monday night. The weather forecast for sailing in the Veerse Meer Sunday/Monday is for moderate winds (force 2 - 4) and probably snow! So we shall see how we get on. The plan is to head up to Veere Sunday and return Monday morning, spending the night in the Kaai, which we have not been into before, previously staying on the visitor pontoon outside. Wendy's son Tom will be coming with us and it will be his first visit to Emjaytoo.

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