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23rd March 2009 - Checking Out The Life Jackets

The winter lay up is nearly over. We are booked on the ferry this Friday evening and will be taking all the kit stored at home over the winter, back to the boat.

We have been testing/servicing the life jackets over the weekend. Sounds complicated, but simply means manually blowing them up and leaving them to make sure they don't deflate.

The weather forecast is looking a bit mixed for the weekend, which is a shame, because we have had some brilliant weather recently. In fact yesterday we had a bar-b-que! It will probably be the only one of the year.

27th March 2009 - WiFi on the Ferry

Having discovered, at the end of last year, that Norfolkline have free WiFi, we are now able to post entries to the blog whilst travelling over to the boat and back again. So here we are - 6.30pm Friday evening and Kim's just had a curry and we should be in Dunkerque for 8.00pm.

The car is loaded up with most of the gear that was brought home for the winter and the weekend is planned as a "sort the boat out" trip. Kim has plans for a trip up to Zandkreek Plaat, but Wendy thinks it will be too cold/too windy and the water level in the Veerse Meer may be too low to get on the pontoon.

There will be lots to do tomorrow without actually going anywhere. Both the main sail and genoa need putting back on, the TV needs putting back and the aft cabin cupboard door needs freeing as the catch jammed last time we were over in January. It may require drilling out, but hopefully a squirt of WD40 will do the trick.

29th March 2009 - No Snow!

A sucessfull weekend without any snow. Infact without any rain apart from overnight Friday/Saturday. Friday night was very cold, but otherwise okay.

It took most of Saturday to get all the gear loaded on board and put away, then we went over to the Marina Office and paid the second installment of the year's fee. We won't talk about the Euro/Sterling exchange rate save to say OUCH!

In the evening we got the TV back up & working and settled down to a nice meal - steak & salad, washed down with some red wine and followed by some cheese.

The job that had not been done on Saturday was bending the sails on. These had been taken home over the winter for cleaning and protection from the elements. Sunday was a bright and sunny day and although there was a bit of a breeze coming over the stern (not the best direction for sorting the sails), we managed to get them bent on and the boat is now "ready to go". So all in all a sucessfull weekend.

The next visit is in two weeks time when we are taking the boys(Tom & Stewart) over at Easter. Hopefully a more sucessful time than last Easter provided we don't let Tom carry the car keys!

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