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Sunday, 6th March 2011 – Sails, The Marina And Other Things

A few weeks ago Kim managed to get over to Wilkinsons and pick up the sails (which had been sent away to be valleted) and more recently had a conversation with the Marina about having Emjaytoo lifted in April for a hull jet wash and a couple of weeks on the hard so we can give her hull (above the waterline) a good clean. Unfortunately the Marina could not guarantee being able to lift her out in April due to the backlog of other boats already booked in for launching/liftouts. We will have to ‘phone nearer the time to see how things stand.

Aside from that, the ferry is booked for Friday 1st April and Kim has booked a days holiday, so it’s count down time to the beginning of a new season.

On a different note, Kim & Stewart went down to Bewel to check up on the Miracle Dinghy. This is a boat that Kim keeps down at Bewel Valley Sailing Club and never sails! Well, the membership renewal has just come through the post - £370 for the year – that’s expensive boat parking for a boat that never gets sailed! So it’s got to go! This then leads on to the pile of rotting plywood in the garage – called a Solo! That will have to go too, however it may not prove easy to sell – well only eight months ‘til Bonfire Night!

Sunday, 13th March - The Kent Boat Jumble

Kim went off to the Kent Boat Jumble this morning with Stewart. Wendy had asked if he wanted her to come, but as Kim said, she would only walk round bored and asking when we could go home! Stewart on the other hand will walk round looking at old “toot” all day – just like his Father!

It was a successful couple of hours – they got a bacon roll for lunch and Kim got some cleaning stuff for the boat’s hull. He also bought some “string”! 40m of 8mm rope which is be used to replace the existing 6mm topping lift. The guy on the stall said it was Marlow which is a good make, but at 37.5p a metre that might be a bit suspect. A quick check on the internet suggests that 37.5p a metre really is very cheap. Kim wanted to upgrade the topping lift as he has always felt it is too thin at 6mm. Having said that, it does do the job perfectly well. We have wondered if the humming we often get is due to the rope being so thin. Another reason for up grading the topping lift is that Kim wants to be able to utilise it as part of his mast climbing kit.

A few weeks ago Kim was in a climbing shop looking at ascenders. These are devices that rock climbers use to ascend ropes. You can buy mast climbing kits that use ascenders, from various chandleries, but being “boaty kit” they are ridiculously expensive. In the climbing shop Kim found that ascenders themselves are not that expensive. Anyway the idea is to use ascenders to climb the main halyard whilst utilising the topping lift as a safety line. Thus the decision to upgrade the topping lift to 8mm.

There are now only 3 more weeks ‘til we bring Emjaytoo back in to commission.

Saturday, 19th March - The Miracle is Sold

On Monday of this week Kim got a call enquiring about the Miracle and as of this morning it is sold. Didn't quite get the asking price, but as the saying goes he was made an offer he couldn't refuse. The best bit is that the Sailing Club membership will not need to be renewed. All in all a good outcome. Now got to deal with the Solo. The trouble is Kim has come back from the Sailing Club thinking that maybe he might have another go at doing something with the Solo!

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