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Sunday 9th March 2014 Not Quite What Was Planned

We hadn't planned this weekend at all! On Wednesday, Wendy said "the forecast for the weekend looks really good, let's go to the boat!" So Friday evening we grabbed as much gear as we thought we might need to take and loaded it into the car. Bear in mind, that at this stage Emjaytoo is still fully winterised!

On Saturday we encountered our third "Shuttle Delay" of the year - three out of three so far this year! It was only a delay of about an hour, so not too bad; we arrived at the boat at about 12:30pm. We had thought that we would transfer the gear we had brought - mostly bed linen and soft furnishings and then move Emjaytoo round to her new berth in the main marina. We decided to walk over to our new berth and have a look, before motoring round. Just as well really, since what we quickly realised, was that because the basic water level in the Veerse Meer is about 600mm below normal summertime levels, had we motored round, we would have found it somewhat difficult to get on and off the boat given the fixed level of the jetties in the main marina.

So the decision was taken to stay put in our current berth. Just getting the basic soft furnishings back on board and correctly stowed away took all afternoon. In spite of her diet, Wendy produced an excellent evening meal for Kim, with lamb chops, lots of veg, gravy and even mint sauce! Otherwise, though, the evening was somewhat frustrating as we were unable to get the digibox to update and therefore had no TV.

It was pretty cold overnight with a very clear sky. The fan heater had kept us warm in the evening and the duvet just about coped during the night. The morning was very bright and pretty cool, but it soon warmed up. After breakfast, the wind was still quite light, so we decided to go for the move and cope with getting on and off the boat when we had to. The trip round to the old part of the marina was all of 0.7 miles, but will go into the log book as our first trip of the year. Getting Emjaytoo into her new berth didn't go that well, Kim made the turn too early and then had trouble lining the stern up with the piles. Eventually she slid backwards into the box quite nicely, but then Kim took his attention off the stern to help Wendy secure the bow and the stern then blew off and we ended up pretty skew-whiff. Finally all the lines were secured

Emjaytoo in her new berth photo P1000813_zpsbfc3b2e6.jpg

and we got the shore power connected and the kettle on.

The weather was absoloutely glorious, even better than forecast (20 degrees!) and the bare trees looked somewhat out of place against the brilliant blue sky.

Silver Birch photo IMGP9007_zpsd6103c22.jpg

There was some racing going on out on the water and a number of other boats around, all helping to whet the appetite for the coming season.

Racing on the Veerse Meer photo P1000819_zps43057164.jpg

For once the winter hasn't really felt long at all!

We will need to make up some purpose made lines to secure the boat in just the right place relative to the piles and the jetty. That will be a weekend job for Kim sometime. In the meantime we still have a lot of work to do to get her back into commission and you may be able to see from one of the photos how dirty she is - her decks and the cockpit are absolutely green! Last year the jet wash proved to be brilliant and will be pressed into service again when the marina get the hose pipes back into operation. Oh, forgot to mention, we had to rely the whole weekend on filling up a small water container from the tap in the toilets as the marina have not reinstated the pontoon hosepipes yet. Well it still very early in the season!

Sunday, 30th March 2014 Recommissioning Emjaytoo

Despite our early trip of three weeks ago, Emjaytoo was still very much in need of recommissioning. So, this weekend we headed off with the car loaded up with the spray hood, sails, sail covers and various other paraphernalia ready to get Emjaytoo back up and running for the coming season. It was very strange arriving at a different part of the marina, since we have relocated Emjaytoo and will take some getting used to but it was certainly easier loading everything over the stern.

One of the main things we brought with us was the jet wash. Again (for the third year) this proved a really good decision. The jet wash just cuts through all the green grime that had coated the boat over the winter and at the end of a couple of hours' hard work the boat was looking respectable again. The warm, sunny weather certainly helped to make this a much more enjoyable task.

White & Shiny photo 1982337_10152078271653106_542092367_n_zps372111d9.jpg

We then managed to get the spray hood back on and the genoa hoisted as well. Sunday was the turn of the main. This was a bit more complicated than usual as the reefing pennants were taken home for washing over the winter and had to be replaced, but now that it's all done we are set up ready to actually sail when we come over next weekend. Well not quite, as Kim left the sail battens at home, but they will only take ten minutes to fit. Wendy in particular is looking forward to getting out onto the water again under sail.

Now, of course, it is Kate's turn. A little more of a challenge as everything is so unfamiliar but Wendy has every confidence in Kim's ability to sort out where everything goes.

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