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Wednesday, 2nd May 2012 – Lift Out Arranged

Kim tried to ‘phone the marina on Monday and after about an hour and a half, realised they had a Public Holliday – Koninginnedag (Queen’s Day). Anyway he got through to Ad on Tuesday and the marina will lift Emjaytoo next week, clean her hull, apply a fresh coat of anti-fouling, replace the anodes, replace the sail-drive gearbox oil (which apparently, can only be done with the boat out of the water) and have her back in her berth by the time Kim next goes over on the 19th May with his friend Clint.

Ad has said they will take a couple of photo’s and e-mail them to Kim so he can see just how bad the growth is. When Kim told Ad about the weed, Ad replied that he had noticed how bad the weed was when walking past Emjaytoo (he keeps his boat on the same pontoon). Previously Kim has been present to witness Emjaytoo being lifted, but on this occasion, there isn’t really any opportunity as we are off on holiday this Saturday, to Croatia.

Whether we will bother sending the photo’s to Sonihull to show them how “effective” their device has been, remains to be seen. We didn’t really loose out since the purchase price of the Sonihull system was about the same as having the boat anti-fouled, the cost of which we saved last year. Okay we have in the past had the boat anti-fouled every eighteen months, so we’re technically six months out of pocket.

What has come to our attention, is the requirement to change the sail-drive gearbox oil every two years. It was last done in October 2009, so is well due now. It would seem, going forward, that we will probably have her lifted every two years from now, as that is the period dictated by the sail-drive gearbox oil, anodes and maximum life span of the anti-fouling.

Sunday, 20th May 2012 – After Croatia

Well it’s over a week now since we got back from a fabulous week sailing in Croatia. The boat, an Elan 333, was brilliant – a cruiser/racer and a good bit sportier than Emjaytoo, we got 7.24 knots out of her with both main and genoa reefed and towing the dinghy. The food and beer were excellent and the company good too. Croatian steak has to be the best we have ever tasted!

Whilst away, we had e-mail from the marina to say they were having difficulty doing the antifouling due to the foul weather but they would have her back in the water for this weekend. Unfortunately it doesn’t look as if the marina took any photos. Kim was due to go over with Clint for the weekend, but the weather really didn’t look too good and he decided he could do with a weekend at home. So we invited Clint and Sue over for dinner on Saturday night and cancelled out the trip to the boat.

The Shuttle crossing has now been re-scheduled for next weekend when both Kim and Wendy will go over – always depending on the weather. It is now mid May and we haven’t had a sail in Emjaytoo yet.

Kim has been working on a new addition to the Web Site – PDF copies of Emjaytoo’s Logs from the last five years. These should go live in a few days time.

Finally a picture of the Elan 333.


Sunday 27th May 2012 - A Weekend of Mixed Fortunes

This weekend we managed to get our sailing season off to a start albeit with varying degrees of success. The weather forecast all week had been for easterly winds and depending on whom you believed anything up to about Force 8.

We caught the 07.20 Shuttle Saturday, although it was delayed so didn't leave until 07.30. We got to the boat about 11.00 and after sorting things out and having some lunch we got under way at about 12.45. The wind was easterly as forecast, which makes life difficult in the marina. Kim had decided that he would let the wind blow the bow off and reverse up our row rather than trying to turn the bow into the wind and motor forwards. Just as we were dropping the lines the wind lulled, Kim saw it was only 2.7 knots and so decided to go for it in the normal way and turn the bow into the wind, which worked perfectly. Our neighbours in the Beneteau First 30.7 were not there, in fact there were very few boats around us and we assumed that they mostly were all out on the water. At least it meant that if anything went wrong with the departure we had plenty of space.

Once out on the water the wind was only about 15 - 17 knots, the sun was blazing down and the place was absolutely packed out.

Veerse Meer

As Wendy put it "the world and his wife" were out on their boats.

Our planned overnight was to have been the Goudplaat and with the easterly wind we unfurled the genoa but didn't bother with the main. As we headed past Zandkreekplaat and Bastiaan De Langeplaat it became apparent that we might have to be flexible in our plans. In fact one thing we had not seen before was so many boats anchored. Anyway, needless to say the Goudplaat was full including several boats rafted up. The unattached jetty at the Haringvreter had plenty of space but it was the lee shore and Kim was concerned about getting pinned on by the easterly wind so we went round to the western side where we found a perfect berth. We tied up head into the wind with the cockpit facing over to Veere and the inevitable sunset that would later present itself.

Veere Sun Set

The temperature was 26 degrees, the water was 20 degrees and so Kim decided to go for a swim. The water was really nice and he didn't want to get out.

But a beer and some crisps soon persuaded him! We did the usual walk around the island and then settled down to a steak, salad and red wine dinner.

Steak & Salad

Sunday morning was again brilliant sunshine and initially not much wind. As the wind was still from the east and bang on the nose Kim thought he would put the main up before departing the jetty. The idea was to just motor backwards off the jetty whilst keeping the head into the wind. The other skippers on the jetty all looked on with admiration for Kim's boat handling skills. Of course they probably all laughed their socks off when it all went wrong moments later and they had to help fend us off the jetty and one of the other boats. Lesson for the future - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PUT THE MAIN UP BEFORE DEPARTING THE JETTY. It completely upset the boat handling and was a disaster. Wendy was feeling rather smug as she thought it was a bad idea right from the start and couldn't understand why Kim had turned what really should have been a simple departure into an unnecessarily complicated procedure!

Down to the Bad Hotel, we had a cracking two sail beat but then when we headed up towards Kortgene the wind came on the nose. Rather than attempt to short tack through the huge number of boats all coming down on a run, we put the engine on and motored back to the marina.

Last year we had to deal with an easterly wind and it all went wrong as the boat slid sideways on the turn and we hit the Bene next door. This time Kim decided he would reverse down our row to a position beyond our berth, then motor forward and turn to starboard into our berth. This way the wind would assist the turn not hinder it and our finger would be on the outside of the turn instead of the Bene. Initially he had difficulty getting the boat moving backwards into our row, but once going the whole procedure worked well. The Bene was still absent so that meant if it went wrong we were okay. The wind did the turn for us and we entered our berth beautifully. Wendy hooked the spring on with Kim’s special boat hook he made last year and then Kim engaged idle ahead to bring the boat tightly alongside the finger. Because the wind was blowing us off the finger Kim used a bit of extra power and this is when it didn’t go quite so well. The stern kicked out and went across to where the Bene would normally be sitting.

What we should have done was to get a stern line on straight away. Nevertheless, a technique to be practised, hopefully with the Bene absent again.

After lunch and clearing the boat away we headed back to Calais for the Shuttle. This where Kim really cocked it up! After a really smooth journey with virtually no traffic we arrived at the check-in to find we were too late for our booked crossing – about 12 hours too late! This is not the first time Kim has booked a return crossing for 07.20 instead of 19.20! So we had to pay another £29 to be told there was no space until the 22.20 crossing! Fortunately we blagged our way on to the 21.20 which wasn’t quite so bad.

Oh, another bit of bad news – the fridge has gone again. Was it ever fixed in the first place? We managed for one night, but next weekend is the long Bank Holiday and we are taking Kim’s son Jim over, so having a working fridge will be quite important. Tomorrow morning Kim needs to phone the marina and see if there is any chance of getting it fixed in time.

Tuesday 29th May 2012 – Getting The Fridge Fixed – Again!

Kim had tried to call the marina yesterday, but it turned out they had their May Bank Holiday (Whitsun). No wonder it was so busy at the weekend! Anyway Kim got through to Ad today and he said they would look at the fridge. Since the re-gassing had not worked – all the gas has obviously escaped again, the unit will need to be replaced. Ad said they might have a unit in stock or they might be able to get a new one in time for next weekend. Kim will call them on Friday to find out as it will affect what food stuff we take over for the weekend.

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