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Thursday, 4th May 2017 – Ten Years Ago.

Today would have been Emjaytoo's 10th birthday, well the tenth anniversary of us taking delivery of her. What a day that was!

Ten Years Ago

By now she should be settled on Lake Balaton in Hungary.

Saturday, 20th May 2017 – Getting The House Ready.

The last few weeks have been really hectic. After having made a good start to tidying up and de-cluttering, the whole house was turned upside down by the arrival of decorators and carpet layers! Although the new paintwork and carpets looked great and really brightened the house up, it was difficult not to think we had gone backwards.

This week, although we have enjoyed having Lucy & Liam to stay, for a few days, it has slowed down the work on the house. That and Wendy having a load of work to do!

This weekend we are making some progress – more trips to the charity shop and the tip. We have got rid of loads of stuff, but it is hard to see where from!

We are now only a week off our big trip to Yorkshire and North Wales in the caravan. Of course, we shouldn’t be going; we should be spending the time finishing off the house. But, hey!

Saturday, 27th May 2017 – The Start Of Our Holiday.

After four weeks of hard graft (mostly by Wendy, as Kim was skiving off at work) and some newly carpeted and decorated rooms, the house was finally ready to go up for sale. On Friday the estate agent came round to measure up and photograph the house. So now we wait and see how long before we get a viewer.

Once the agent had left, we were then able switch to “holiday” mode and get packed up. Kim went up to the caravan and put a certain amount of gear in the van ready for our Saturday morning departure. We were on the road by 08:20 and had an uneventful journey, stopping for lunch in a lay-by just south of Grantham.

The lay-by had been researched by Kim and made an excellent place to stop, well off the A1 dual carriageway, with a trucker's café so Kim could get a coffee (we had forgotten to bring any water with us, so couldn't make any in the van). The only down side to a trucker's lay-by, was the smell of urine! But it wasn't too bad inside the van.

Most of the journey was on motorway/dual carriageways, the last bit to Hebden Bridge was on A roads and the caravan site instructions gave a route with advice to ignore sat-navs. It is very hilly round this part of Yorkshire and the last couple of miles were a challenge for Kim, with a twisting road climbing up through a couple of villages and frequently obstructed by parked cars, but we made it. Kim said afterwards it was good job he hadn't appreciated in advance just what the road was like. Leaving next Saturday shouldn't be so bad as it will be mostly downhill.

We got to the site about 15:20 and it took an hour or so to get set up. Kim was able to put his newly acquired caravan manoeuvring skills in to practice parking the van up. It still took him two goes and he had to finish it off with the mover! It's one thing being taught how to do it with the learning centre's caravan, but you need to practice with your own own van, especially when your room to manoeuvre is restricted by other vans, walls, etc. Better luck in a week's time when we get to Carrog!

The views from the site are stunning even though, so far, the weather has been a bit grotty.

Sunday, 28th May 2017 – Haworth & Saltaire.

On Saturday we went to Haworth in the morning, saw the Bronte's parsonage home,

wandered around the village,

and had lunch in a little cafe.

In the afternoon, we went over to Saltaire, the huge woollen mill

and social housing project undertaken by Titus Salt in the late 19th century.

Titus Salt was an extremely wealthy Quaker mill owner who believed that his workforce should have a quality of life and housing that was fit for proper human beings rather than factory fodder. It was gratifying to see that it has taken on a new lease of life since being shut down in 1986 and is now a wonderful multi-functional space which attracts many visitors.

After leaving Saltaire we went on a trip down memory lane (for Wendy), going down Manningham Lane, Lumb Lane and into the centre of Bradford, then out past the university buildings.

As the weather was lovely we headed down to the pub as soon as we got back. The beer (Timothy Taylor's) was excellent, as were the pies, and we struggled back up the hill well and truly stuffed.

Monday, 29th May 2017 – Industrial Museum.

In spite of the lovely sunshine on Sunday, Monday dawned as predicted very wet and misty. After a relatively easy start we headed back towards Bradford to go to the Industrial Museum at Eccleshill. This was most interesting and informative, with so much to see and all free! Wendy found the old bobbins especially beautiful.

We managed to spend most of the day at the Museum, well, three and a half hours, such that we got back to the caravan just before five. We had a quiet night in with a meal cobbled together from non-perishables (tuna, rice & sweetcorn) and watched a DVD.

Tuesday, 30th May 2017 – A Lazy Day.

Today we decided to take it easy and the result was that by the time we decided to go down into Hebden Bridge it was already gone noon. Then we drove round and round trying find somewhere to park. It was then ten to two! We bought a pastie each for lunch and sat in a park before going off to explore the the town and the canal.

Wednesday, 31st May 2017 – Some Decent Weather At Last!

The forecast for today was always for it to be glorious and it didn't disappoint. We decided to go for a walk in the morning, heading away from the site and up onto the moors and over the top.

The countryside around here is magnificent and there were glorious views over every hill and around every corner

We passed the Robin Hood pub at Pecket Well just after 12 noon and decided that was too early for a lunchtime pint. Unfortunately, the next pub was the Hare & Hounds next to the site, but it doesn't open lunchtimes. We did know that in advance, so not really a surprise.

Instead we had a late lunch here and then read and dozed the afternoon away before cracking open the beers and having a barbecue using the new Cadac bought at the NEC. In spite of Kim being in charge, it was a great success with everything cooked properly and nothing burned!

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