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Wednesday, 7th October 2009 - Another Change Of Plan

Despite a job interview last Friday, which Kim is still waiting to hear on, the job search is not going well. This morning a letter arrived from the marina with a rather hefty invoice for winter storage, even though the boat has not yet been lifted out. Given that we pay for our berth for the whole year, it all seemed a lot of money.

So a quick rethink and a 'phone call to the marina have resulted in a change of plan. The boat will still be lifted out on the 26th October as the antifouling and anodes will have to be done, but she will go back in the water after that. We will have the engine serviced at the same time and then arrange for her to be "winterised" a bit later on - say late November.

Aside from being the cheaper option, it gives us more flexibility over the winter in as much as we won't have to spend the weekend of the lift out clearing the boat. We can sail all weekend and clear the boat later on. We may even get another sail mid November and we won't necessarily have to wait until the end of March before we get back into sailing. With the boat in the water over the winter, if we get a mild spell we can go over and use it as a base for a weekend. Of course we did that last winter and it was so cold we ended up going in the hotel at Wissenkerke. (See the Blog entry for the 29th February 2009 - At Least We Didn't Have Any Snow)

So all in all, it may work out a far better option.

Sunday, 11th October 2009 - Where To Next?

Kim never did hear back from his interview, despite several 'phone calls and e-mails - some people are so damn rude!

Anyway, life is more important than job interviews. Cruising & sailing is what it's all about. So, where to next?

Weekend - 24th/25th October - We will head over to the boat, early on Saturday the 24th October with a view to spending the weekend up at Zierikzee. Kim has tapped up Stewie and he is game for the trip, so it will be mussels & chips (don't worry Stewie, you can have a Fray Bentos!) in Zierikzee.

Then it will be back to Kortgene for our Monday morning lift out.

Wednesday, 21st October 2009 - Emjaytoo Gets A Facebook Page

Since Kim has more time on his hands than he has been used to, the Website has been sprouting some new features. The latest, is a 'Friends of Emjaytoo' feature complete with a link to Emjaytoo's very own Facebook page! In addition 'Friends' can sign up for e-mail alerts to advise when the Website has been updated.

On the job front, there is no news. How does the saying go? No news is good news? Hmmm, maybe not!

Wendy is taking loads of extra work on which, on the one hand is good, but the down side is that she will be working all weekend and so not be able to come over to the boat for the lift out. Kim is picking Stewart up on Friday afternoon and they will go over early Saturday morning. With only the two of them, the planned trip to Zierikzee may not go ahead. Instead they may stay in the Veerse Meer. It all depends on the weather, which is not looking too bad given it is the end of October.

Monday, 26th October 2009 - Veere & Then The Lift Out

With the plan of going up to Zierikzee still in mind, Kim & Stewart got the 6.00am ferry over Saturday morning. Wendy had taken on a large piece of work that had to be done over the weekend so stayed at home leaving Kim & Stewart to deal with the lift out on Monday morning.

The weather on arrival at Kortgene was grey, windy and drizzling, although the forecast for Sunday was a lot better. The thought of slugging away across the Oosterschelde up to Zierikzee was losing its appeal, so we decided to head up to Veere and go on the Kaai.

But first we went over to the fuel/pump out pontoon as the holding tank needed emptying, but were told it was not working. The Havenmeester suggested Wolphaartsdijk, but as it was quite windy and Kim didn’t fancy the unknown of going into Wolphaartsdijk, he decided to head up to Veere and perhaps go over to Kamperland Sunday morning and use their pump out.

The trip up to Veere was mostly straight into the wind, although once past the Bad Hotel, we did get a good reach with just the genoa. On arrival Kim decided to reverse into the Kaai, which worked well and we spotted a vacant spot right next to the Yacht Club (it was very quiet!).

On The Kaai in October

Kim’s decision to reverse onto the jetty wasn’t that good as the wind was not blowing ‘down’ the Kaai, so having arrived stern first to the jetty at 45 degrees, the boat just sat there. We got a spring on and then motored forward which brought us alongside, so it was okay, it would just have been better, having reversed in, if we had then motored forward on to the jetty in the normal way. All part of the ‘learning’ process!

The real result was to find that we had moored up right by the pump out. Better still, it was free! On the downside, we couldn’t get a signal on the TV (digital TV is really awful – either the picture is brilliant or you get nothing!) and the wi-fi was €6.50 for 50 mins, so we didn’t bother. Kim was sure it was free last year, but the Havenmeester said not. Dinner was a Fray Bentos Chicken & Mushroom pie, fried potatoes and veg. – and very nice too!

Sunday morning dawned sunny, but very windy. We went for a walk over to the Grote Kerk and went up the tower, which Stewart had not done before. The views from the top were spectacular.

View From The Grote Kerke

They had netted over the top to keep the pigeons out and cleared up all the mess, so it was a lot more pleasant than when Kim & Wendy last went up last year.

The trip back to Kortgene, after lunch, saw the wind mostly aft of the beam with 15 – 20 knots and occasionally up to 25 knots, so, again with the genoa only, we got back in record time! At one point we got 6.1 knots over the ground! The wind was south-westerly, so entering our berth was fairly straight forward, although we were blown about quite a bit. With the finger one side and our new neighbour the other side, there isn’t really that much space to get blown about in.

We then cleaned the outside of the boat, which took nearly two hours as it was in a pretty bad state – green slime everywhere! When it was finished, it definitely looked a whole lot better. As the clocks had gone back on Saturday night it got dark about 5.30pm, so after a tuna, rice & sweet corn dinner and a bit of TV, we had an early night.

And so, to this morning and the lift out. We had agreed a 9.15am lift out, so it was an early start to get showered, breakfasted and all the washing up out of the way before heading round to the main part of the marina. Once the boat is up on the hard we loose the use of the sinks, so whilst we can make hot drinks and some lunch, washing up has to be just a quick wipe over.

The lift out went smoothly, although the wind was still blowing quite a bit. If you listen on the YouTube clip you can hear it howling through the rigging!

Once out, we finished packing up the car, which we were able to park right next to the boat.

On The Hard

Finally, the drive back home.

So, a very successful weekend, despite the weather. The marina will now replace the anodes, antifoul the hull and service the engine before returning Emjaytoo to the water. This lift out is 18 months after the last one and the hull certainly had quite a lot of slime and in a lot of places, loads of barnacles, especially on the keel and around the water line. The main anode on the hull was okay, but the one on the sail drive was well eroded. We had wondered whether we could leave her for 2 years next time, but 18 months is probably the most.

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