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Wednesday 5th October - No Wind At All!

This weekend Kim went over to the boat with his friend Clint, Wendy was busy on the Saturday with a quilting event and Tom was coming down from Nottingham, so she stayed at home. The trip over should have been uneventful and would have been had it not been for a Polish Lorry driver who decided to reverse into Kim at a motorway services. The damage to the car was very minor - a gouged front bumper and it didn't prevent them from continuing on up to the boat, but it did rather put the dampers on the rest of the journey.

The weather was absolutely scorching - clear blue sky, nearly 30 degrees and, unfortunately little or no wind. They started off trying to sail but soon gave up and motored up towards Veere. Just off the Zandkreekplaat they anchored for lunch.....

Kim Clint

......and had a swim. October and the water was 21 degrees C.

When they arrived in Veere the Havenmeester was guiding the boats in and they were given a "box" to berth in. A first in Veere!

In A Box In Veere

Given there was no wind it really shouldn't have been difficult for Kim, but it took him three attempts to park the boat!

After a walk round Veere, they ended up in the Veere Yacht Club for dinner. Again the food was excellent and superb value for money. Unfortunately, the service was not excellent! The last visit to the Yacht Club back on the August Bank Holiday sufferred from poor service, but we let that go as the meal was so good, but twice is getting too much!

Sunday morning was a repeat of Saturday - scorchingly hot and no wind, so it was back to Delta under power. With no wind, Kim put Emjaytoo back in her berth without any problems and then it was off to Calais for the Shuttle - this time without being hit by any Polish lorries!

Sunday 16th October - Ending On A High?

After watching the weather forecast all week on “Wallies” we were expecting a good weekend and we weren't disappointed. Having caught, the now customary, 7.20am shuttle, we arrived at the marina at 10.45am and were pulling away from our berth by 12 noon. We had had a bit of a debate about where to go, Goes, or stay in the Verse Meer. We decided that a relaxing island would be better than the hustle and bustle of Goes, so we turned right out of the marina and got both sails up straight away. The forecast was for Southerly Force 3, so we set off broad reaching towards Bastiaan De Langeplaat. The sky was almost cloudless and the sun was shining brightly. It was, however, a bit fresh, so we needed some warm gear on.

Warm Gear

There were lots of boats on the water, but as we passed the various jetties they were all quiet, if not empty. Obviously most people were just out for a day sail. We passed Arneplaat and there was not a boat there, we headed up to the Haringvreter and the unattached jetty was deserted. Finally, we arrived off the little harbour on the Haringvreter and pretty well had our pick of where to tie up.

Having tied up behind the one solitary boat that was there, it then left. Kim then decided that perhaps we were facing the wrong way and at risk of a visit during the night from the "slappers". So we warped the boat around which was a very quick and easy exercise.

After a cup of tea we went for a walk around the island and were treated to a couple of close encounters with some deer.

Close Encounters Monarch of the Haringvreter

Back at the boat the wind had dropped off and the evening was mild enough to sit out in the cockpit until the sun went down.


The sunset over Veere was magnificent. The next morning, the sunrise was even more spectacular.


After a leisurely breakfast we headed back to Kortgene at about 10.30am. The wind was still Southerly, but only Force 1 to 2 so we were faced with some rather slow short tacking down to the Bad Hotel. When we got there, the wind moved on to the starboard quarter and we headed off on a broad reach. But the strength was just not there and the time was getting on, so we had to resort to the engine. We “stormed” back at 6.5 knots for the last hour and were back in our berth by 1.30pm

We then had enough time to clear the boat and have a quick bite to eat in the cockpit before jumping in the car at 2.30pm. The drive back to Calais was uneventful and we got an earlier Shuttle than we were booked on. The result was, we were indoors by 10 past 6 – just over 3˝ hours door to door! We couldn’t have got back from the East Coast or The Solent in less time!

We have two more crossings booked – the last weekend of October and the first weekend of November. The latter is to clear the boat away and the former, well – we’ll see. It’s difficult to see how it could provide us with a more enjoyable finale to the season! We have had some pretty grotty weather this season and it has been an absolute delight to have had such a nice weekend and such an easy run home.

Sunday, 30th October - This Really Is The End Of The Season!

This was very much a case of "we will have another weekend on the boat!". The forecast was for the unseasonably mild weather to continue with moderate winds, some sunshine and no rain. "Wallie" usually gets it right, but as we eased out of our berth with a very overcast sky, a few drops of rain started and we did wonder whether Veere was a good idea.

Fortunately the rain soon stopped and after a rather grey start

Veerse Meer

we had some very pleasant sunny spells and a good breeze as well. We short tacked almost to the Bad Hotel and then decided to motor the rest of the way.

Veere should have been really quiet, but as we entered the Kaai there was no space along the jetty in the main part of the Kaai, so we had to raft to a Bavaria 38. It then transpired that the boats along the Kaai were mostly parked up for the winter. Rafting to an unoccupied boat is almost as good as being directly on the jetty, especially when the other boat's deck is the same level as ours (once you're tied up of course - it's always a bit hairy stepping from one boat to the other and trying to find a suitable cleat to tie onto!).

We then had a walk around a bit of Veere that Wendy had not seen before which Kim had discovered the other week with his friend Clint. We somehow can't imagine this being allowed in the UK, but it was great fun!

Cable Ferry

Back on board we got the curtains drawn, the lights on and settled down to a cosy evening. Fray Bentos for Kim - the first and only one of the season!

Sunday morning we enjoyed the extra hour due to the clocks going back. When checking in with the harbour master yesterday, Kim saw a sign advertising free wi-fi; previously the wi-fi in Veere has been a KPN subscription service at €5 an hour - way too expesive to use! Now they have a proper free service, we were able to put up a preliminary posting of this blog.

We then had a brilliant sail back to Delta. We got back in sufficient time to have lunch and pack up some gear to bring home. Next weekend we are going over to clear the boat for the winter.

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