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Thursday 8th September - New Toilet Pump

We have previously mentioned a few things that are starting to need attention, one of them being the heads flush pump mechanism. The heads, when left for a while, is allowing water from the holding tank to seep back into the bowl. Given the age of the unit - four to five years, Kim decided that it probably needed a service. This involves replacing various seals, springs and gaskets, all of which can be purchased as a parts pack specially for servicing. However, for not a lot more, one can get a replacement pump which now includes a special mechanism to lock the pump in the closed position to ensure that there is no back-seepage. Well, needless to say, that has now been ordered.

On the subject of things needing attention, Kim finally got an answer from NRG Marine - the Ultra Sound Anti Fouling people. He had been e-mailing them to see if the warranty could run from the installation date (Easter 2011) rather than from the purchase date (January 2011). Anyway, the answer was No! As reported earlier, the boat is showing signs of marine growth in excess of previous years, so a lift out at the begining of next year is a definite.

Wednesday 28th September - Quayside Skippers

Or should it be Tavernaside Skippers?


We have just got back from a week's holiday in Syvota, Greece. Not a sailing holiday, but a beach and taverna holiday. However that didn't stop us doing a bit of back seat sailing! We finished most days down at the quayside sitting in a taverna watching the boats come in for the night. This enabled us to sit back with beer in hand and pass judgement on all the various skippers berthing their boats - "I wouldn't have done like that" - " He should be doing it this way" - "Oh what a mess she's making"

On a different note, it has rather whetted our appetite for a hot and sunny sailing holiday! A Greek bareboat charter could be on the cards for next year!

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